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Did the two of you discuss how you would have liked the series to end?

We didn’t. The ending of the series came as a surprise to us, so we didn’t have an opportunity. I would have ended it with Lynley and Havers holding hands and walking off into the sunset, but I don’t think Sharon would have let me go anywhere near her. I tried kissing her once, as Lynley, and she ran a mile!

Prince Charles is my favourite royal by far, by a million miles. He’s a fantastic man. He’s just brilliant. His work for young people is unsurpassed and he raises over 100 million pounds a year through his charitable work. For him, the only point in being the Prince of Wales is to do charity work. He works tirelessly for our country and the underprivileged, especially young people. The work he does is unbelievable and his energy in incredible. He works all night. Camilla goes into his office at 2am and he’s asleep slumped over the desk. He writes all of his own speeches.
Arthur Edwards [x] (via muchadoaboutroyals)
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